Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school

The first day of school tradition of pictures in front of the mailboxes lives on!

Mary Jane (7) 2nd grade
Kelly (11) 6th grade
Patrick (13) 8th grade
Megan (15) sophomore
Jonathan (16) junior
Kenny (4) pre-school
Adam (9) 4rth grade

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First day of Middle school

6th grader Kelly. She told me she's "over" riding the bus.


We met up with the cousins from the Springs and Texas and went to the Butterfly Pavilion. After touring the place, Aunt Debbie didn't realize that Adam belonged in the group. She thought he was a kid following us around.


Kenny can play the IPad while it is charging.

The Stand

While at the bookstore Megan (15) found a comic book of this scary movie that we were watching on Netflix. I made them turn off the movie when a guy was going to walk through a dark tunnel of Zombies. The back cover illustrated that exact scene.


Megan (15) and Kelly (11) were trying on jeans at Kohl's when they noticed some sparkly dresses on the return rack. We laughed at them and then they tried them on. Then they traded and tried the other on. They didn't look as funny as they did on the rack, not modest enough to wear really.

Cici's Pizza

We took the family to pizza for Kelly's congratulations dinner. Kenny and Adam love to hang out in the game room instead of eating. I told the kids when I was little I put money in a tatoo/jokebook turnstile machine and as I continued to turn the dial it kept spewing out jokes and tatoos. I thought it was my lucky day. A while after I told them this story, Kelly found the candy machine in the game room was spewing candy like my lucky day. Mike told the manager and they turned off Kenny's favorite machine.


Kelly took 1st at the state gymnastic competition on beam and in the all-around. She really worked hard and cannot wait until next season.