Saturday, November 23, 2013

What does the fox say?

 Sadie Hawkins dance: Girls ask boys to go to the dance. Megan composed a note on her tablet to Mason and he said yes.  They came up with their couple theme of Foxes and had a great time at the dance.

Hair Raising Experience

Sister Crapo showed the Cub Scouts and families about electricity.

Skate City

Kenny went on a field trip with the ILC and skated for the first time.  He was so tired when he got home.

Kelly is the French Horn first chair

Jack Be Nimble

My last Mother Goose on the Loose.  Kenny actually dressed up.  He was so cute when he started jumping over his candle stick.

Halloween and a trunk or treat

Cortney and her little brother Maddox

New range

My oven stopped working in July.  It was hot, I didn't need it anyway. Yet, as cooler weather rolled in...I could not bake any cookies. Mike and I found one at Best Buy. The coolest feature is the convection. The girls have made many batches of cookies and other baked goods. Yum.

Homecoming Parade

Jonathan earns his Eagle Scout

Over the summer, Jon collected school supplies for a local church that provided them for local families.  It was nerve-wracking and a great experience. I am so proud of Jon.



Adam has a hernia surgery

At Adam's well visit we learned he has a hernia. He had it fixed the second week of school- and was out all week recovering.  Mike walked him back to surgery to calm his nerves.  The surgery went well but his breathing was really shallow so he was not release for more than five hours, until he could maintain a pul soc? of 90.