Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been Tagged (by Kara) Just when you thought it was safe to look at this blog!

Six Random things about me:

1. I love the color pink. When growing up I always wanted a pink car. When I turned 16 my uncles offered to paint my car in my grandma's garage. I was so excited to drive my pink car to school I got there too early and nobody really saw it. I do remember sitting in my first hour class one day and the class members were arguing over how ugly the car was (they didn't know it was mine and I didn't pipe into say it was.) My mom even painted the license plate holder and hub caps pink!
2. I never wore pants until I was maybe in 6th grade. I told kids at my bus stop I couldn't feel the cold. I don't know why I didn't, but my mom never made me.
3. I lived 50 miles from Mount Saint Helens when she blew up May 18, 1980. I was ten at the time. We were not allowed to go outside for months. Those who did, had to wear an ash mask. I remember how dark it was for days because of all the volcanic ash. Even today, I have a gallon sized zip lock with volcanic ash for that show and tell moment.
4. When I was 13 years old my family moved into a brand new house. I met Andrea Clark on the bus soon after- we laughed all the way home. She is the sister I never had. She would come up with these great ideas like follow boys around so they would notice us, give them notes wrapped in 7 layers of foil, or generally find stuff to do to cure boredom. Many summers we would ride the train and go to her Grandparents houses in McCook, Nebraska. I can remember laughing my teenager years with her. I wish she would move next door to my house and we would laugh all the time again. (This time let's not get chased by a bull or have a fake bike wreck or have stranger danger ...)
5. I met my husband Mike when I was 19 he 20 at the Baskin and Robbins in Parker. I did not go up to him and say, "Hey, we're going to get married in the Denver Temple 20 days after your mission and have 7 children. Oh and your brother is going to baptize me in 3 years." I think I just said, "Hi. Is that a chocolate malt you are drinking?" (Clever, witty... he must have fell for me then...)
6. I am an insatiable reader. I have read 4 books since Monday. If I didn't have to cook or do other stuff I would be reading. I love to read. I just finished a book called "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. If you weren't thinking about food storage, this book makes you not want to watch your children die of hunger.
Okay, that's enough randomness about me- Melinda, Sarah? What about your randomness?


  1. Great randomness! I'm a convert too. I want more info on you and your husband's love story. If you met him when he was 20, was he on his mission or did he serve a mission later? I don't know when you find the time to read! I'll have to ponder some randomness today and post soon.

  2. Beth, I love it! Pink car.... .wow!!

    And I thought I was an avid reader! I'll have to get that book from you- though it sounds scary...

    Thanks for playing along in the tag game!