Sunday, April 8, 2012

AP study time

Jon and his books to study for his 3 AP exams coming up in May.  

Happy Easter

Megan and I are wearing our beautiful Easter dresses that my mom made for us.  The other two girls wore the green dresses that she recently made for them.  I bought Kenny a suit on Friday, but he vetoes wearing it and wore a white t-shirt and blue pants (his Easter finest.)  With 9 o'clock church, it's hard enough to get to church on time, let alone get everyone in a picture.  Oh well.

Mary and Kenny received this water and sand table for Easter.  After Meg and I built it we discovered all the fun about it.  There were diving boards and little people slides.  Mary spent all afternoon outside with it.  The Easter bunny left 16 eggs per child, hidden around the house.  It was a great day.